Business Practices

Industry Partnerships

Industry partnerships are collaborations of businesses from a particular industry or sector that meet regularly with the assistance of a regional workforce intermediary to address their region and industry’s collective workforce and talent needs. Members discuss shared human-resources issues, exchange information about industry practices, and take specific actions to address workforce challenges.

Each industry partnership is unique and designed to meet its respective region's economic and workforce development needs. Traditionally, they partner with the public workforce system, local or national philanthropy, education and training providers and community organizations to improve education programs in their industry, upskill their employees, and collectively invest in their regional workforce. Industry Partnerships have been proven to produce more effective training and workforce programs and are a central element of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

BLU partners with the National Fund for Workforce Solutions to create successful partnerships. The National Fund has supported the development and growth of more than 200 partnerships across the country and in a range of industries and can assist BLU leaders in joining or creating a successful partnership in their community.