Business Practices

Job Quality

As labor conditions tighten and businesses are forced to develop new ways to recruit and retain talent, a good job provides the competitive advantage. To gain this edge, employers are increasingly offering on-the-job training, tuition reimbursement, cross-training opportunities, navigable career pathways, competitive wages, reliable hours, and implementing other job quality-related practices to attract the employees they need to make their companies more successful.

BLU provides a peer-to-peer platform to enable its business partners to share and replicate effective talent and development strategies, and is working with key partners to determine how job quality initiatives affect business outcomes. BLU is working with the National Fund for Workforce Solutions to host regional meetings to share the practices and approaches of businesses that successfully advance and develop their employees and with UpSkill America to document the return on investment from employee investments. Thus far UpSkill America has measured the positive ROI of health insurer Cigna’s Education Reimbursement Program and a communication technology company’s tuition assistance program.