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Business Leaders United is an initiative of the nonpartisan nonprofit, National Skills Coalition. We are a free, private business network promoting inclusive, high-quality skills training policies that build the skilled workforce employers need to grow and thrive. Business Leaders United fully supports business leaders to advocate for effective industry-based strategies and policies that help create effective training pipelines across the country. 

Highlights of the network: 

  • Ndues 
  • No meetings 
  • No time commitments 
  • Our membership list is never shared publicly. 
  • Members receive 12-15 emails a year that provide access to new reports and updates about how businesses are supporting skills training. We will also offer opportunities to advocate for worker training policies that are responsive to business needs (e.g., sign-on letters, op-eds, correspondence with elected officials) 
  • There are no obligations, and members decide whether to participate in an advocacy opportunity on a case-by-case basis. When they do, we fully-support them with draft materials, talking points, and any necessary assistance to make their participation easy 



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