Skills Mismatch

The lack of access to skills training hurts workers and businesses

Every day, in communities across our nation, small and medium businesses are looking to hire skilled workers - people trained for jobs in growing industries like healthcare, medical technology, IT, software, and advanced manufacturing - as well as tradespeople like plumbers and electricians.

Many of these jobs require education and training beyond high school but not a four-year degree. These kind jobs are the very backbone of the American economy and they depend on a skilled workforce ready to fill them.

But too few workers have access to the skills and training they need to land in-demand jobs businesses are hiring for.

In fact, a majority of jobs (52%) require skills training beyond a high school, but not a four-year degree. But too few of America's workers — just 43% — have had access to the skills training necessary to fill these in-demand positions.

This skills mismatch hurts working people, the businesses that want to hire them, and our economy at large.

Without access to inclusive, high-quality skills training, workers are locked out of opportunities to succeed, and local businesses can’t expand.

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