Policy Areas

Most jobs in the U.S. require training beyond high school, but not a four-year degree. However, less than half of workers have access to skills training that meets the needs of employers. Business Leaders United advocates for inclusive, high-quality skills training policies that help build the skilled workforce that businesses need to grow and thrive: 


  • Industry and sector partnerships that drive industry-specific training and hiring strategies.  

  • Career and technical education and work-based learning opportunities like apprenticeship and on-the-job training that help businesses develop a productive, highly skilled workforce. 

  • Changes to higher education policy that make it easier to access high-quality short-term training so that workers can quickly acquire the necessary skills for a new or current job.  

  • Digital skills training that helps workers across industry sectors adapt to rapidly changing technologies in the workplace.  

  • Smart workforce data policies that measure whether training programs are effectively and equitably preparing workers with the skills needed by employers.  

  • Work supports like high-quality childcare and transportation that workers need to participate in skills training programs, get to work, and maximize their productivity. 

  • Inclusive skills training policy that purposefully promotes diversity and equity in the workforce so that everyone has what they need to succeed.