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Jeffrey Connor-Naylor   ·  

BLU Honors Business Leaders as Business Champions for Skills

Business Leaders United for Workforce Partnerships is excited to announce the induction of ten BLU members into our new honorary group - Business Champions for Skills. We would like to recognize these business leaders for their dedication and advocacy for high-quality, inclusive skills training policies in their communities and across the nation.  

Business Leaders United is the business engagement arm of National Skills Coalition. We engage a network of roughly 1,000 business leaders to advocate for high-quality, inclusive skills training policies that help workers get training for in-demand jobs and help businesses hire and train the workforce. Business leaders bring powerful voices to policy advocacy, helping policymakers understand the barriers they face and why public investments in skills training are critical ingredients to growing healthy, local economies and communities 

The ten inaugural members of Business Leaders United’s Business Champions for Skills have participated in a range ofadvocacy and educational activities to advanceinclusive skills training issues. These include sign-on letters, media interviews, Congressional briefings, Congressional hearings, meetings with Members of Congress, and meetings with senior leaders across presidential administrations.  

New Members of BLU’s Business Champions for Skills include: 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with these outstanding individuals and helpingbring their voices to the policymaking table in support of a skills training system that meets the needs of workers and businesses.