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Jeran Culina   ·  

Skills Training Victories for Business in 2021

As we look forward to advocating for skills training in2022, we know it’s important to highlight the accomplishments of our membership throughout the past year.  

In 2021, Business Leaders United members helped to win important skills training victories:  

  • Virtual infrastructure fly-in in May: Business leaders met with Members of Congress and staff about why any infrastructure package must be people-centered and include workforce investments. The package eventually passed by Congress included new funding for digital reskilling & upskilling of workers and $1 billion in occupational specific training. 

  • Federal advocacy throughout summer and fall: After the infrastructure bill passed, business leaders continued to meet with Members of Congress to talk about why protecting workforce investments in the final packages of the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) was crucial to funding industry partnerships and more. As a result of our advocacy and that of others, the House passed BBBA with $40B in proposed skills trainingfunding, which included substantial investments in sector partnerships and dedicated funding for community college partnerships.   

  • Industry Recovery Panels (IRPs) brought a cross-section of workforce stakeholders from across industries together to give the Administration recommendations on an inclusive economic recovery. This resulted in meetings with members of the White House and Biden Administration. Many of the IRPs called for the need for digital skills for workers - and we see that reflected in the passage of the Digital Equity Act.

  • Sign-On Letter: A group of 135 businesses – led by Business Leaders United in coordination with Autodesk and Workday – sent a letter to Congress asking them to support investments in the workforce and skills as part of any recovery legislation.  

We could not accomplish the work without the support of our membership. As new legislation around skills training moves forward it will be even more essential for the business voice to be heard.  

In 2022 we are excited to continue to bring your experiences and breadth of knowledge to the Hill.